October 27

Clint Black is Back and Busy With Upcoming Christmas Musical

Country music singer Clint Black is cooking up a very special surprise for his fans. He is currently working on a new show, a Christmas musical. The show’s title is Looking for Christmas, named after the Christmas album released by Black in 1995. It tells the story of a young man who happens to be a veteran suffering from PTSD. Despite the internal turmoil he is faced with, he tries his best to reconnect with his family. According to Clint Black, “Many of our soldiers come home from war to a new war in their minds.” The story is a contemporary take on how a soldier fresh from the wounds and trauma of war be able to fit into his family and live a normal life when he now has to battle the inner demons within him.

Reportedly, the show is set to have an industry reading in New York. Kent Nicholson, director of musical theater for Playwrights Horizons, will be directing the musical. Nicholson co-wrote the script with James D. Sasser.

As for the renowned country singer, Clint Black, he will be writing brand new music for the said project. He will also be including some tracks from his 1995 Christmas album, and his 2004 holiday album, Christmas With You among some of his other hits. Black has sold over 20 million albums across the globe, and his successful musical career makes him the best person to inject the perfect musical mood into the show. The play’s musical supervision will be headed by Charles Vincent Burwell.

When asked about his participation in the upcoming play, Black said that he had always had the idea of writing a musical in mind.

I’m always looking for new challenges. When I met James Sasser, he asked if I’d ever considered broadway. I said, ‘Not as a performer, the work week is too long!’ We decided we’d explore ideas together as writers and I introduced the idea of a Christmas story built around my original Christmas album from Looking for Christmas and Christmas With You.”

Sasser and Clint Black developed the story further to fit the music. As they worked on the plot, the country artist says that he gained “a clear sense of the kind of story we wanted to tell.” He adds, “The holidays are always a time of heightened emotions and we knew we could have some very inspiring themes to explore while telling a contemporary tale that would be relatable to many Americans young and old.”


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