January 19

“Clinging to a Saving Hand” In Hope for Enlightenment

"Clinging to a Saving Hand" In Hope for Enlightenment 1

“My soul clings to You; Your right hand upholds me.” – Psalm 63:8

A recipient of a string of Country Music Association Awards, Conway Twitty, never failed to inspire us with his gospel songs. Enlisted in his 1973 release, here is another gripping hit from one of country music’s renowned stars. A video is found below for your listening pleasure.

Titled as “Clinging to a Saving Hand”, the tune speaks of the narrator’s fervent aspiration to nurture his spiritual being. This, as well, is the singer’s way of preparing himself for the life he’ll be facing after death.

A Closer Look at the Lyrics

In the first stanza, the narration focuses on his wanting for praise and worship songs. Just like a child who thirsts for knowledge, the singer yearns for such hymns. He believes those are lullabies that will bring him to God’s saving hands the moment he sleeps forever.

The singer becomes more specific in the second verse. Here, he mentions of his plea for the rock of ages songs as well as the anthems about eternity. The experience of hearing them, as he considers, would eventually lead him to the Savior’s feet.

On the third section, the narration remarks two Biblical characters, Paul and Matthew whom the singer wishes to know more about. In addition, his hunger for understanding Christ’s journey on earth grew deeper.

The song concluded with a repetition of the first part.

Behind the captivating song lyrics is a great composer by the name of Bill Mack.

Important Message

The song mirrors our life. Our journey on earth is but temporary. And we are here for one ultimate purpose. It is God’s plan to prepare us completely for a greater life that waits ahead. So that by the time we depart from this world, we are assured of being in his embrace.

It should then be our joyful response to let God cultivate our spiritual self as we look forward to living eternally with Him in His kingdom.

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