September 28

Say Hello again to Cleverly Written Willie Nelson Hit, ‘Hello Walls’

Alright, I am starting to convert as a Willie Nelson fan with his humorous yet charming word plays in his compositions. One that was irresistible to me was Hello Walls. Released in 1961, Faron Young made a monster hit from this song. With that success, you would not believe that it was turned down multiple times by other singers except for Faron Young. They may have thought it silly singing to the walls, so Nelson thought of selling it to Young for $500. Young just loaned Nelson the money and allowed him to keep the publishing rights. Good for them, the risks they took paid off, and more. Young enjoyed another top charter song and his friend Willie got his breakthrough.

Faron Young is an amazing and talented singer, but I opted to embed Willie Nelson’s version instead. Have fun!

Time for my favorite part! Let us critique the word-crafting style! Except that it was a clever whip up, there is not much that I could say regarding the melody anyway.

The Content? Well, it is that same ole story of sulking over the loss of a lover but giving commentary is not what I aim at. My intent is to spot light some elements that will make a song appeal to consumers.

With Nelson, his crafts were a combination of easily understood yet unusual phrasings. Examine closely the following lines.

Lonely walls
I’ll keep you company.

Hello, window – (hello) (hello)…
Well, look here, is that a teardrop on your window pane.

He channels that agonizing feeling of being left by a woman by personifying the walls, the windows, and the ceiling. This skill that was innate and unique to Nelson made Crazy by Patsy Cline and Night Life by Ray Price as among his prized accomplishments as a composer.

In fact, in 1973, he was inducted to Nashville Songwriters Association Hall of Fame. Way to go Mr. Nelson! You are one valuable asset of the Country we know today.


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