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“Cleaning this Gun” Can Sure Put the Fear of God on Some Chaps


“Cleaning this Gun” Can Sure Put the Fear of God on Some Chaps 1From Rodney Atkins 2007 album, If You’re Going Through Hell, here’s every doting father’s pick to ensure their precious daughters’ safety from obnoxious lads.

What’s in the Song?

“is like a funny joke that is true.”
– Rodney Atkins, CMT News

The narrator barely remembers historic speeches of the renowned including the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence. But, there’s one speech that stayed with him ‘till his later years.

Back in his youth, he went to fetch his girl in her parent’s house. He met her dad and had a short chat. For only a few words, the young narrator trembled with what seemed as a warning for him to not even think of crossing the line.

Years passed, the narrator, now a father, finally understood what his wife’s old man. As a dad, you wouldn’t want your little girl to get hurt. Hence, you’ll set precautions to protect them.

“Cleaning this Gun” (Fan Made Video)

“Cleaning this Gun” is the Speech to be Remembered

Songwriters Casey Beathard and Marla-Cannon Goodman took an intelligent approach on the redneck dads’ jokes with the ‘I’ll be cleaning my gun when my daughter goes out there on her date’ dictum. Not surprisingly, it landed the top of 2007 US Hot Country Songs and sealed the 9th spot on Billboard at the end of 2008. The following year, it was certified Gold by the RIAA.

As for the artist, Tennessean native Rodney Atkins isn’t your typical country singer of sad songs. Following his records, he favors a more upbeat tempo in his story-singing. Sharing the same sound of surnames with Trace Adkins and Rhett Akins, he was advised to take another name, but he refused to say,

 “I’m pretty lucky to have a last name, so I’m not going to change my name.”

“Cleaning this Gun” Can Sure Put the Fear of God on Some Chaps 2

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