June 6

Encompassing Declaration of Love in Walker’s “Working On Me”

Following the path of his hit “If I Could Make a Living,” Clay Walker’s new single is a moving, mid-tempo track assisted by heavy guitar work that slowly leads to the chorus’ full declaration of love. Want to listen to what we are talking about? The new single of Clay Walker, “Working On Me” has it. Add up the graceful beat and a hypnotic guitar part that accents Walker’s attractive voice. When Walker recorded it, he felt his voice was stronger than ever, and this song is from his heart. He considers it a sweet spot and the start of a new beginning.

Encompassing Declaration of Love in Walker’s “Working On Me” 1


On April 13, Clay Walker released “Working on Me”. This was his first single in nearly three years. What is in this hot song to a newly found romance? Clay Walker’s even and sexy vocals are at the lead on his single. Michael White, Clint Daniels and Lee Thomas Miller, penned “Working on Me”. The three created a sultry song that highlights the charming effect a woman has on a man who loves her. No matter where the man is, he cannot help but daydream about his lady. Clay Walker sings,

No matter where I’m going

Girl, you’re working on me

Like a second glass of wine

Slow and easy in my mind  

                You take hold of me like gravity.             

A Sweet Comeback, Indeed

When Clay Walker falls in love, he likes how his heart works to have the fortunate lady’s charm win him over, like he sings in “Working on Me.” It is evident that he worked hard to find the perfect way to come back into the industry after a hiatus. He hopes that “Working on Me” would, later on, become a staple in his career. It may have been a long time since we last heard something new from him, but that does not take away how much we value his successful past. Walker has won both CMA and ACM awards. In addition, he harvested eleven Top 1 hits and a music list comforting the ears of traditional country lovers.

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Clay Walker, Working On Me

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