Clay Walker (image from Youtube)

Being a star that rose in the new country contemporaries of the mid-90’s, Clay Walker is one of the artists who sustained their success over a couple of years. His first three years in the music industry immediately proved his quality. He was able to rack no less than five number one singles.

She Won’t Be Lonely Long

Walker’s most successful charting single is “She Won’t Be Lonely Long,” released in December 2009, from his album of the same title. The lyrics came from the creative writing of Phil O’Donnell, Doug Johnson, and Gallen Griffin. The up-tempo song features accompaniment from electric guitar and piano. It tells of the narrator’s fascination with a woman whose lover had just left her. The line:

“if she’s lonely now, she won’t be lonely long,”

gives a clue that he has plans of courting the woman after her breakup.

Moreover, this laid-back single is described to be highlighting not only Walker’s fine voice but also his solid country vocal expertise. Walker’s effortless charisma exemplifies how a man can read body language and social cues of a woman who has stepped out on a lonely relationship to test the waters. Kylie Ward of Roughstock commended the song labeling it as:

“A surprise hit that gives me hope that 90’s country isn’t dead and buried just yet.”

Music video and chart performance

She Won’t Be Lonely Long (image from Youtube)

The music video of the song allows viewers to tour Walker’s farm in Tenessee. More to that, Walker’s lovely wife, Jessica, added to the interest. On interviews, Walker expressed how they all enjoyed filming for the music video.

“It was great making the video there. Being in love does make everything sweeter. And before we knew it, making that video, the day was over. It went by that fast!”

So, fellas, here’s the outcome of Clay Walker’s passionate singing and filming for “She Won’t Be Lonely Long.”

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