June 22

Cynthia Clawson Assures Us That “It Won’t Rain Always”

Cynthia Clawson Assures Us That "It Won't Rain Always" 1
Cynthia Clawson | Photo credit: Youtube

Nothing is permanent in this world. Not even our troubles. As the season changes, so do the ways our life turns. Today, it’s raining but tomorrow the sun may be shining brightly. No storm will last forever, even the storms we encounter in life. Though we may be having life’s storms right now, this, too, shall pass. Because beyond the dark clouds is the sun still shining. And our God, loving and merciful as He is, won’t ever let us live in misery. Instead, He wants us to be with Him eternally in His kingdom. It is certainly His will to indulge us in heaven’s bright shore.

To rouse further our hope, let us render our ears and hearts to this song called “It Won’t Rain Always.”

A Few Details of the Song

Dubbed as the most awesome voice in gospel music, Cynthia Clawson originally recorded “It Won’t Rain Always” in 1995. The Grammy Award-winning American gospel singer released the song on her album, River of Memories. Meanwhile, the credits to its writing belong to Charles Aaron Wilburn, Gloria Gaither, and William J. Gaither. The hymn consists only of three verses but each stanza is loaded with moving messages. The opening verse puts emphasis on the non-permanence of our predicaments and sorrows. The second stanza, which is quite shorter, highlights the constancy of the sun even during the cloudy and rainy days. The final verse puts God into the picture stressing on His power to make things easier for us.

And it won’t rain always

God’s promises are true

The sun’s gonna shine in His own good time

And He will see you through

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