September 27

‘Nashville’ Star, Clare Bowen Talks About Brother’s Cancer Battle

If you are a fan of the TV Show Nashville, I’m sure you know Clare Bowen. She performed at the Grand Ole Opry last month for the Total Eclipse 2017 Special Sunday Night Show. After getting to know her story, it is an understatement to say that she has a fighter’s spirit.  Clare was diagnosed with cancer of the kidneys (nephroblastoma) when she was only four years old.

“I was given two weeks to live when I was diagnosed and so was my brother can you believe that?” she shared in a publication.

It was at its end stage and was given a grim outcome. Thankfully, Bowen beat her disease and made her way to America, where she eventually landed a role on the hit show, Nashville.

That same fighting spirit helped not only her but also her brother Timothy who was diagnosed in 2015, around Christmas time. It was Stage IV Lymphoma diagnosis and a ‘two weeks to live’ scenario, Bowen and her family had to once again rally for one another in the hopes of a miraculous outcome.

On Her Brother

Now, a year and a half later, Bowen has an exciting update on her brother’s journey.

“Timothy’s doing really well. He’s in remission,” she told Sounds Like Nashville and other media with a smile while backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. “Now, we both still have to go for check-ups and that never really ends, but he’s doing really, really well. Thank you. He opened for me on my tour this year in Australia and he’s gonna be back over here for mine and Brandon’s wedding really soon. So, he’s happy and healthy.”

“I’m so proud of him,” she continued. “He’s doing, not just healthily, he’s doing spectacularly as a person and it’s taught him so much just about life and love and survival, I guess. And he has just become an ambassador for the Cancer Council, in New South Wales, like I was before I got here.”

Bowen has never been shy talking about her battle with cancer. She first shared the news when she got a dramatic haircut, chopping off her long locks for a pixie cut in 2015.

“I was really inspired when I heard a story about a little girl who said she couldn’t be a princess because she didn’t have long hair, and I wanted her, and others like her to know that’s not what makes a princess, or a warrior, or a superhero. It’s not what makes you beautiful either. It’s your insides that count… even if you happen to be missing half of them,” she wrote on Facebook. “Every scar tells a story, every baldhead, every dark circle, every prosthetic limb, and every reflection in a mirror that you might not recognize anymore. Look deeper than skin, hair, nails, and lips. You are who you are in your bones. That is where you have the potential to shine the brightest from. It is where your true beautiful self-lives.”

The Fight Continues

Clare Bowen recently wrapped another leg of the Nashville Tour, going around the United States and Europe. She’ll have a brief hiatus as season five of Nashville recently finished airing before season six resumes in early 2018.

We are definitely proud of you Clare and we hope that your brother’s condition will continue to get better. With your fighting spirit, you inspire a lot of people out there never to lose hope and continue the battle with life and its challenges.


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