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5-Year-Old Claire Crosby Sings “Peace in Christ” Amazingly

What are the talents that you wanted to have? Is it singing, dancing, or acting? It’s mesmerizing that some of the young kids of today are so talented. Also, they can melt hearts with their angelic innocent voices. Maybe it’s because they’re naive that’s why they can pull off an outstanding performance. Anyhow, have you heard of the 5-year-old girl, Claire Crosby? This little miss is taking social media by storm with her angelic and innocent singing. Further, once you get to hear her, you will be addicted to her voice. Currently, Crosby has more than 3 million followers on her Facebook page. No one can resist the charm of this little girl. She also posts videos of her singing songs from Disney.

claire crosby, peace in christ,
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Adorable Claire Will Melt Your Heart

This sweet little girl just released her new video and she chose to sing the gospel hymn “Peace in Christ.” The hit talks about getting strength from God when you are down and no one is there to help you. It’s more about reminding humanity whom to run to in times of need. In line with this, the angelic voice of Claire Crosby matched the song perfectly. She acts naturally on the music video, performing like a professional and she is spontaneous in giving that innocent vibe.

claire crosby, peace in Christ
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The Girl Who Went Viral

In a span of weeks, her video went viral receiving more than 670,000 views. Furthermore, her heart-melting voice attracted a lot of viewers. On the video, Claire was accompanied by her dad who is also a great singer. Claire has great potential in the music industry with her great vocal ability. Best of luck to this talented little gal! May she continue to shine and rise.


Claire Crosby

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