November 5, 2018

The Civil Wars Puts a Country Spin to Micheal Jackson’s “Billie Jean”

Billie Jean Re-imagined

Micheal Jackson has always been one of the legends in the music industry across genres, across generations. And one of the most iconic songs that he has ever produced in his lifetime is “Billie Jean.” With the stylistic synth bop of the 80’s and Jackson’s amazing vocals, it is no surprise that it became a hit and it survived through the years.

“Billy Jean” was first released in 1983 as the second single for Jackson’s Thriller album. It is considered a soul bop with a mixture of pop music during his time. The lyrics describe Billie Jean, the woman who claims that the singer, in this case, Jackson, is the father of her newborn.

The Civil Wars’ overall sound is a little bit more mellow than the staple Jackson sound. But they did a fantastic job covering the song. Their cover turned into this sultry bayou-esque jam that you can just listen to while sipping wine at a speakeasy.

The ambiance of the whole music video complimented the whole vibe of the song. It’s definitely a complete 180 from the original. But it’s definitely a joy to listen to.

Listen to their amazing cover right here!

The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars were a critically acclaimed musical duo composed of Joy Willams and John Paul White. The pair won four Grammy awards before they broke up in 2014.

They found an affinity with each other after a writing session together. That was when Willams and White decided to team up and do songs together. They named what they deemed at that time as a project according to a good Plato quote:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

Willams was the one who taught of their name and noted that it was appropriate that the sense of battle seems appropriate in the feel of the music that they were making.

On the 5th of August, 2014, The Civil Wars announced their permanent break up and offered a free download of “You Are My Sunshine” as a parting gift to their fans.



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