Why Do You Go to Church? Is It for The Sunday Service?

February 11, 2019

Why do most people go to church? It is to see their friends? Or just to show off their new clothes? Anyhow, most people go there to praise the Lord, but others go there for a different reason. Some just want to see their crush or they want to pretend to be a religious person. Others, want to sleep, yep, you heard me right, they tend to sleep because for them Sunday service is boring. Also, most people go to church because of the physical appearance of the service place is beautiful and they want to get a good selfie. But whatever reasons they may have in attending the Sunday service, remember to put God first. He is the reason why most other most people go to church.

Remember that going to church may help clear your mind and heart. In addition, that place is a sanctuary, if a person is in doubt or troubled, the church is the right place to go to. Anyway, do you want to have a tour? Let’s go ahead and visit one of the oldest churches in the U.S. It’s St. John’s Episcopal Church in Hampton, Virginia.

The Perfect Sanctuary

Most people say that the church is the safest place in the world. Maybe because this is the place where we can commune with God. Further, this is the only location where we can be at peace of any worries and troubles that we have. Today, we will have a look at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Hampton, Virginia. It is also considered as one of the oldest churches in the U.S. This church was established in 1610 to Evangelize its first settlements. The church was damaged in 1812 due to the revolutionary war and it took the parish several decades to repair it.

St. John’s Episcopal Church is still active in catering spiritual concerns to weak and lost souls. Furthermore, let us not forget the real reason why we go to church. Do we go there to please someone else or do we go to church to interact with God?