December 14

The Chuck Wagon Gang in “Echoes from the Burning Bush”

One reason to love old-time gospel music is the serenity it brings to your mind. And if you are fond of listening to these oldies but goodies, you might be familiar with “Echoes from the Burning Bush.” If not, then better have a good listen to it first.

“Echoes from the Burning Bush” by the Chuck Wagon Gang

Isn’t it soothing? It is perfect when your mind is a jumble. (Works every time for me.) Shame that the song is rarely found in most hymnals. Nevertheless, let us be glad that this wonderful singing group recorded and brought to us some of these gospel tracks we enjoy today.


Sometimes referred to as the “Other Carter Family.” Original members were D.P Carter (Dad), Rose (Lola) C. Karnes, Anna (Effie) C. Gordon Davis, and Jim (Ernest) Carter. The group was founded in the early 1930’s and had been active since. Over the years, other members joined in.

The story about how they became famous is worth noting. Back then, Dad Carter formed the group as a means of spreading God’s Words and so he could buy medicine for Effie who caught pneumonia. They were a four-part singing group with Mr. Carter as the tenor, Rose for soprano, Effie for alto, and son Ernest as bass. Soon, they became a crowd favorite and were signed up with Columbia Records, and sold albums. From a humble beginning with modest intentions, the quartet did not expect the tremendous blessings that came. Their harmonious gospel singing complemented their harmonious familial relationship.


Written by Bryon Foust and V.O. Summa.

The song’s theme is about salvation using Moses’ encounter of God in the form a burning bush as an illustration. The fear most people felt in hearing God during the Old Testament was replaced with joy after Jesus came and brought redemption.


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