October 30

“I Like the Christian Life:” A Song by the Louvin Brothers

Some people think that when you follow the Lord, your life will be limited. They believe that there are so many things you are missing out in life. But, the truth is you are not. Following Jesus only gives you more assurance that you are living a healthy, happy life.

“I Like the Christian Life,” a song by the Louvin Brothers will tell us what it’s like to live a Christian life and what some people think of it.

The Song “I Like the Christian Life”

The Louvin Brothers wrote and recorded the song “I Like the Christian Life” in 1958. It was part of their famous album Satan is Real.  The Byrds covered the song for their album Sweetheart of the Rodeo in 1968. Their album became famous because of its cover photo. The Louvin Brothers are seen standing on a place surrounded by fire and an image of Satan behind them. They set the place on fire, and the image of Satan was made of twelve-foot plywood.

The Song’s Meaning

“I Like the Christian Life” is all about wanting to be with God rather than doing things that people think is right. In the song, the narrator began by telling how his friends told him not to be a Christian right now. They said that if he turns to God, he will not enjoy his life.

“The say I’m missing a whole world of fun.”

But despite that, his friends were not happy because he became a Christian. He still loved them, which is actually the right thing to do. That’s because a true Christian should not bear hatred in their heart. Moreover, aside from not hating his friends, he thought of saving them by showing them the right way.

“My buddies shun me when I turn to Jesus,

But I still love them they burden my heart

I’ll try to lead them to walk in the light.”

The Louvin Brother’s song “I Like the Christian Life” is truly an inspiring song that will remind us that following God is the best thing to do. Furthermore, it does not mean that you are missing out in life when you are with God.


I Like the Christian Life, Louvin Brothers

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