October 15

An Anthem Praising Christ’s Return, “The King is Coming”

The Lord has come to live on earth with His children; although for a short while only. But the good news is He is coming again. No one knows exactly when Jesus is returning but he certainly, will come. Such good news is something that His children should feel excited about and be prepared for. And the right time to do so is now. The song “The King is Coming” urges us to look forward to that special day – seeing Jesus come to save us.

Song Background

Gloria Gaither wrote the lyrics to the song “The King is Coming” in 1970. Her husband, Bill Gaither, put music into it. It’s considered different from the rest of the Gaithers’ songs. While many of their compositions are easy and sing-along tunes, “The King is Coming” is more of an anthem that expresses praise and happiness about Jesus’ near return. It’s the couple’s fondness to compose joyful songs that tighten the bond between and among God’s family members.

Just like many gospel songs, “The King is Coming” was inspired by a sermon that Gloria heard. An evangelist preached about the delight associated with Christ’ second coming. Gloria admitted that prior to the sermon, she thought of the end of the world as a judgment time. This belief, however, has changed after hearing what the preacher said.

“But after hearing that sermon, she began to think of Jesus as being “the Master of Restoration – of marriages He had put together, of relationships His hand had mended, and of generation gaps, His Spirit had bridged. I saw an image of the coronation of a King, who walked down the corridor of history; I could see lining the corridor throngs of witnesses of His redeeming grace.”

Gloria went to write a tune about that experience, and the result was “The King is Coming.” Many artists recorded the song and sung it in numerous concerts over the years. It continues to remind us that The King is coming in the near future.

Let’s listen and delight our souls to this encouraging song below.

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