June 22

Chris Tomlin’s “Jesus Loves Me” Reassures The Love Of Jesus

Chris Tomlin

Despite our sins, mistakes, and faults, Jesus will always love us. No matter how bad our decisions were, he will always be there to guide us to make us better human beings. Jesus will never leave us, wherever we go, Jesus is still beside us. The love he has for us is undeniably stronger than anything else. Let Chris Tomlin remind you how Jesus truly loves you.

“Jesus Loves Me” will remind us of the love, care, and concern. We may be weak at some point and if you’re under the situation of giving up listen to the hymn. It will make you stronger and believe that Jesus will never give up on you.

Moreover, the hymn can change what we believe. It can turn us into better and worthy Christians. The simple and direct messages are the reason the hymn is strong enough to twist a belief. With this, the hymn can be an instrument for everyone, especially for children to have a strong faith in Jesus.

Jesus Loves Me…

Indeed, the Christian hymn is very popular with everyone, especially with children. This song is certainly suitable for children as they can learn to get closer to Jesus.

The hymn was initially a poem by Anna B Warner. Anna’s sister Susan asked a poem dedicated to a dying child. Anna then wrote the strong and inspiring words of “Jesus Loves Me” to bring comfort and peace.

“Jesus Loves Me” is one of the first hymns missionaries teach new converts. Additionally, the hymn gives so much hope to children. Through the hymn, children can learn the words and wisdom of Jesus. An instance was when Amy Carmichael was converted after hearing the hymn.

Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin is a Contemporary Christian Music artist, songwriter, and worship leader. Tomlin leads worship at numerous Passion events. Tomlin was born in Grand Saline, Texas in 1972. His father gave him a guitar and learned how to play the instrument through Willie Nelson Records. At the age of fourteen, Tomlin wrote his very first worship song.

Chris Tomlin "The Noise We Make"

Tomlin’s first national solo project was “The Noise We Make” which was released in 2001. It includes the songs “Forever,” “Be Glorified,” and “Kindness.” Now, Tomlin is continuously creating songs and hymns that inspire people in the miracle of Jesus.

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Chris Tomlin, Jesus Loves Me

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