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Believe it or Not: Chris Stapleton Penned These Songs?


How quickly Chris Stapleton achieved success is not a mystery. We can see how he poured his heart not just as a country singer, but as a trusted songwriter. Moreover, he did not just restrict himself to the country music genre. He wrote for anyone else in the music industry. Our first citation will prove this statement. Scroll down to see our next list of “Believe it or Not: Chris Stapleton Penned These Songs?” series.

Believe it or Not: Chris Stapleton Penned These Songs? 1

2011: “If It Hadn’t Been for Love” by Adele

Two weeks before Adele started her career with 2008’s 19, the SteelDrivers released their own debut. They sieved the quality and accent of bluegrass music through the croon of frontman Chris Stapleton’s pipes. However, it was Adele’s singing that took the most courtesy to “If It Hadn’t Been for Love”. The known “Rolling in the Deep” singer released her own version of this foggy murder ballad as a bonus track on her 2011 album, 21.

2011: “Don’t Start Lying to Me Now” by Joss Stone

“Don’t Start Lying to Me Now” is more R&B than country. With its fast firing vocal delivery and Erykah Badu-worthy drum track, Joss Stone’s style helps close the deal. Of course, this song pushed Stapleton far away from his roots and comfort zone. Recorded in Nashville with producer Dave Stewart, the song is one of the shadiest horses in Stapleton’s collection. It is proof that even country boys know their way around a big-city beat.

2015: “Crash and Burn” by Thomas Rhett

Trapped halfway between the domains of Motown and modern-day pop, “Crash and Burn” could, at first listen, be mistaken for a Bruno Mars song. However, once you hear the mixes of the strong, big-hearted hook drums, you will know it is pure Stapleton. A couple of weeks before Stapleton’s career-changing performance at the CMA Awards, “Crash and Burn” topped the country charts in September 2015.

What pure art this is! Chris Stapleton extending his writing weapon to those in need. How much joy could he have shared the success with the music he writes?

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