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The Story Behind Chris Stapleton’s Love Song “Parachute”

chris stapleton parachute

Doesn’t it feel good when you know someone will be there for you when you need them? It feels good when you know someone will support you, especially when we know life is always full of challenges. When you have found that person, never take them for granted because you are lucky to have someone who cares.

Chris Stapleton’s Album

Chris Stapleton’s upbeat song “Parachute” is a song on his album Traveller. He wrote the song with his friend Jim Beavers and released it in 2016 as a single. In 2015 the song was the third single on his album. The song didn’t reach the top 10 of the charts, but it was able to peak at No. 12 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Furthermore, “Parachute” took the 17th position on the Billboard Country Airplay. Even though his song didn’t make it to the top of the chart, his album was able to receive numerous awards.

Traveller won Album of the Year in 2015 during the CMA and ACM Awards. In Addition, it won the Billboard Music Award Top Country Album and American Country Countdown Awards for album of the year. Last year his album won again for iHeartRadio Music Awards for Country Album of the Year and Billboard Top Country Album.

The Making of the Song

This love song co-written by Chris came to him on a dream. The words/lyrics happened when he was asleep and on that same day when he meets up with his co-writer Jim Beavers who was playing some music Chris knew that his words and Jim’s music are perfect together.

“Parachute” Content

“Parachute” is a love song where the character promises to be there for his lover. He will do anything to make her happy and will be her crying shoulders when she needs one.

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