September 12

MUST LISTEN: Chris Stapleton Renders Luke Bryan’s “Drink a Beer”

MUST LISTEN: Chris Stapleton Renders Luke Bryan's "Drink a Beer" 1
Chris Stapleton | Photo Credits:

Chris Stapleton, who many believe is bringing back the real country, rendered this Luke Bryan chart-topping hit and took it to the next level. With such passion and emotion, Stapleton will surely well your eyes up with tears.

Drink a Beer” is a no. 1 hit single for Luke Bryan in 2013. It is the third single from his fourth studio album, Crash My Party. Also, it is his seventh no. 1 song on the Billboard Country Airplay. As a matter of fact, Bryan even described the song as “the coolest sad song ever.” In addition, he shared that he simply connects with the story of the song after having lost both of his siblings. During the CMA Awards later that year, emotional Bryan performed the song dedicating it to his late brother and sister whom he had recently lost.

MUST LISTEN: Chris Stapleton Renders Luke Bryan's "Drink a Beer" 2
Luke Bryan | Photo Credits:

Interestingly, Chris Stapleton co-wrote “Drink a Beer” with fellow songwriter Jim Beavers. Through record producer Jeff Stevens, this song went to the hands of Luke Bryan of whom the song became popular with. It has become a fan-favorite track ever since its release in November 2013.

With Bryan’s song becoming a staple in contemporary country music, it has been rendered by other artists in their concerts. This shows a tribute to both Bryan’s vocal ability as well as Stapleton’s ingenious writing talent.

In his performance, Stapleton definitely took this song to another level. He has proved that more than a genius songwriter he is, it is also noteworthy to know that he’s a great singer. He pours his heart and bares his soul out in this poignant rendition, luring the listeners to be connected to a heart-wrenching tune.

Listen to the mind-blowing rendition of Chris Stapleton of Luke Bryan’s “Drink a Beer” below:

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