October 9

This Chris Golden Track Calls Us to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Who can forget William Lee Golden of The Oakridge Boys Band? Perhaps you recognize his son and 17 year-member of The Oaks, Chris Golden who played drums from 1997 – 2014. To top, you might have also seen him play with Restless Hearts and Alabama. Here he comes again with new albums containing strings of songs for the soul covering faith, family, tradition, and everything worth spending our time on.

A gifted music talent and a natural communicator, watch one of his dynamic numbers of a song carrying a compelling message for us all.

“Thank You Lord for this Day” by Chris Golden

“Thank You Lord for this day,” indeed! Keeping a grateful attitude will ensure we have our eyes fixed on Jesus, the embodiment of our peace, joy, and hope for the years to come.

Our Man, Chris Golden

This Chris Golden Track Calls Us to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude 1

Briefly, Golden traces his spiritual background from his grandmother, Rutha Mae Golden who raised him in the knowledge of God. He first gave his life to Jesus at age 13 and re-dedicated himself again in 1997 at age 45. As for his musical influences besides The Oakridge Boys, songs by Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Glen Campbell, Elvis Presley, and Kenny Rogers to name a few also were instrumental to the shaping for his worldview.

His Inspiration & Motivation in Entering the Music Industry

Back in 2010, Golden met somebody whom he considers an angel who said, “Play for one who gave you the gift.” Those words spoke strongly to Golden that he made it as his life mission. Hence, his persistence to learn further the in and out of the music industry.

Chris’ Piece of Advice to Budding Artists

We’re living in a time of abundant knowledge and resources. Anyone can record and release albums to feed the hype, but nothing beats substance. Golden says that a “great song will last longer than your career.” That’s admirable. It takes great faith to believe that. Thank God for conscientious artists like Chris Golden, and may he raised more singers like him.

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