August 15

‘Choices’ Chronicles George Jones’ Journey on this World


“Living and dying with the choices I made”
– CHOICES, George Jones –


This is a beautiful and an honest song that just fits George Jones. It‘s no secret to the public that he had drinking and drug abuse issues which for years he fought hard to overcome.

Performed in that signature George Jones style of singing how he feels, Choices will never be separated from its singer. Penned by Mike Curtis and former 1990’s singer Bill Yates, the song made its breakthrough in 1999 when Mr. Jones finally decided it’s an ultimate song for him. This was following the release of his album and publication of his autobiography entitled “I Lived to Tell It All” in 1996. He had lived the song so it was no wonder that though he was not the first artist with whom it was pitched, in the end, it landed Mr. Jones.


With his background in alcoholism, George’s Choices had spoken strongly to those with the same struggles. It was so compelling that the song’s message makes lasting impressions to anyone who will hear it. Ironic though that after winning another Grammy for it, he went back straight to alcohol which led to a car crash to hospitalization then to rehab. That might have been the great blow he needed to finally sober up. (Choices indeed! Wise or not, we’ll have to live with the consequences.)

God, if you let me get over this, I’ll never touch a cigarette or liquor again
– George Jones, as recalled by his wife Nancy Jones –

So for the remaining years, he did what needed to be done and fully recovered. To mark his redemption, he released an album of Gospel collection in 2003 then went on tours until that fated last concert in Knoxville on April 6, 2013. Twenty days later he died of respiratory infection. He was 81.


Fans worldwide often contend the Choices is at par or would have superseded his classic “He Stopped Loving Her Today.”


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