September 19

Kids’ Anointed Gospel Singing: The End Times Samuel Company

Their music videos spread in the World Wide Web, abroad, and along flowed appreciations and testimonies. Adorable as they already are, there’s no mistaking that God’s anointing is in their singing. In effect, one could not help but be on his knees in praise of the living God. By anointing, we mean the tangible presence of our Lord. Like a lotus blooming in glorious beauty despite the filthy water they’re in, these children are rising above our present world’s corruption and sinfulness.

So even with eyes closed but with ears and hearts open, allow these precious little ones to usher you once again into the Holy of Holies.

THE LORD’S PRAYER –Rhema Marvanne

PEACE IN CHRIST – Claire Ryann Crosby & Dad

10,000 REASONS I COVER BY Steven Samuel Devassy


What is the “Samuel Company?”

God spoke to Samuel. (c)
God spoke to Samuel. (c)

From the Bible’s Old Testament, we read in the Book of Samuel how Yahweh called and raised the boy Samuel to be his prophet. The Israelites did keep religious ordinances and tenets but still, there was no cure for the famine of hearing Yahweh’s Word. He knew what’s in every man and found a boy whom he foreknew will serve him in all purity of heart. Hence, Yahweh favored Samuel over seasoned priests and Levites.

Fast forward today, it’s the children who are having supernatural experiences of seeing, hearing and talking with God. Not that the adults aren’t worthy to receive such glorious privileges. If we have faith, we, too, can have an authentic and visible fellowship with the living Christ. (And I say that in its literal sense, not an allegory nor a metaphor. Question is, do you believe?)

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