December 29


ONCE AGAIN, THE KING has succeeded in breaking hearts and making grown men cry…

"I CAN STILL MAKE CHEYENNE" by George Strait 1

A True-blue Rodeo Man

Being a rodeo man, George Strait sings the song “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” with such distinct emotion that only a true-blue rodeo man could. His life and his loves… His joys and pains… His passion and principles and situations that may challenge them principles and life-long passion which could, at certain times, be a terrifyingly horrendous experience, shattering and (even) life-changing ends.

A Story Unfolds

Such is the case of I Can Still Make Cheyenne whose story opens with the typical how-are-things-going-back-there-at-home phone call by a rodeo man to his wife he had not seen for a very, very, very long time since this cowboy had been doing the rodeo circuit. As the story goes on to proceed with their conversation, this fella finds out straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth of finding another cowboy who (this time) is not a rodeo man and that she don’t care seeing him anymore and the story goes on with a not so pleasant closing of its curtain.

 “…there is no such thing as a bad King George Strait song!”

Released in August 1996 as the third single from the King of Country’s album Blue Clear Sky, I Can Still Make Cheyenne (quite sadly) had not received the same acclaim or appreciation by some of King George’s fans as it did most of his songs such as Amarillo By Morning, The Cowboy Rides Away and others of the King’s many Billboard Chart Toppers. Many DISLIKES for the song have also been seen popping up like mushrooms in different sites on the Web, but as one fan had finely puts it on one of his posts in defense to the song I Can Still Make Cheyenne,

“…there is no such thing as a bad King George Strait song!”

And I say, AMEN TO THAT!

As always…

May The Lord Almighty Bless Us All and Set Us FREE!



George Strait

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