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When Kenny Chesney Cuts A Fellow Country Artist’s Hit

When Kenny Chesney Cuts A Fellow Country Artist's Hit 1
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Every now and then, some country music artists are given the privilege to perform for the country’s presidents during official dinners. Among them is Kenny ChesneyToday, Chesney’s performance of “Back Where I Come From” for then-President George W. Bush turns 12. The official dinner was held for the former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Mrs. Janette Howard. “Back Where I Come From” is one of the two songs he sang; the other one was his No. 1 hit There Goes My Life.” 

A Few Facts of the Song

“Back Where I Come From” is country music artist Mac McAnally‘s original. He wrote and recorded the song as the first single from his 1990 album Simple Life. The song entered the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart peaking at No. 14. Somone from Mississippi who expresses his reminiscence toward his hometown is what the song talks about. Apparently, it radiates a nostalgic vibe that perfectly blends with its mid-tempo rhythm. In an interview, McAnally shared his thoughts when he wrote the song.

“When I wrote ‘Back Where I Came From’ I thought that it was a hit, but also that it said something that I personally wanted to be the first to say.”

Later, McAnally realized that he’s done yet another poor choice considering the business side of the song.

Kenny Chesney’s Version

Several years after McAnally recorded “Back Where I Come From”, Chesney made a cover of it. His version was included on his album Me and You released in 1996. In addition to that, the Don’t Blink” singer recorded a live version of the song on his 2000 Greatest Hits album. Given Chesney’s reputation in the country music industry, it’s not surprising that his record went successfully. Because of this, McAnally somehow felt regretful that he didn’t give the original recording of his song to other renowned artists right away. However, he is grateful at the same time that Chesney brought his song anew to life. He revealed,

“As a publisher, I knew I was devaluing the copyright by singing it myself instead of passing it onto better and bigger singers, but I did it anyway. One of many of my classically bad business choices, but thankfully Kenny Chesney was kind enough to bail me out and cut it again.”

Here is Kenny Chesney’s version of “Back Where I Came From.”

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