July 17

Kenny Chesney and Uncle Kracker’s Duet was a Top Country Hit

Kenny Chesney’s love of the Caribbean is no secret to his fans and the country music industry. Putting this passion to his music became a Chesney standard. Hence, many of his releases are laid back country songs focusing on this theme.

But, back in 2004, Chesney had crossed genres when partnered with Uncle Kracker for the song “When the Sun Goes Down.” Such collaboration turned Kracker into an instant country hitmaker. For the first time, he scored his first No. 1 song on the country chart. With Chesney being his teammate, the success isn’t much of a surprise given the illustrious music career he has exemplified over the years. It doesn’t mean though that Kracker can’t be successful in his own right. This breakthrough record is just an indication of his potential in country music. And to further justify that, he released his single “Smile” in 2009 and became his first Top 10 hit as a solo artist on the Hot Country Songs chart.

In an interview, Kracker revealed his interest in country music and initially thought of it as a complicated thing. He also expressed his gratefulness and respect to the concerned people especially after the success he had with Chesney.

“You always have to pay respect to the people you need to pay respect to, not just in country music but in life. And I’ve always been a firm believer that with just the right idea, maybe further down the road I’ll get there the right way.”

Watch the official music video for “When the Goes Down” below.

A Few Facts of the Song

Brett James wrote the song “When the Sun Goes Down.” Released in February 2004, the song was the second single and title track from Chesney’s album of the same name. For five weeks, it enjoyed the topmost position on the chart. It was also a Top 30 crossover hit peaking at No. 26 on Billboard Hot 100.


Kenny Chesney, Uncle Kracker, When the Sun Goes Down

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