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Be Inspired by Kenny Chesney’s New Single, “Better Boat”

Be Inspired by Kenny Chesney's New Single, "Better Boat" 1
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It’s only a few more days before Kenny Chesney’s upcoming album Song for the Saints will drop. That sure sounds exciting for many of his fans who just can’t wait to have a copy of the tribute album. But as the waiting time shortens, the country star helps out his fans not to die in waiting. Hence, after releasing the album’s lead single, Get Along,” here’s an introductory track to the inspirational collection. Entitled “Better Boat,” the song serves as the album’s third track. And just like Chesney’s 30th No. 1 song on the country chart, “Better Boat” exudes a compelling message. As such, it’s highly anticipated that the tune would draw attraction from the mainstream audience.

About the “Better Boat”

There’s no denying that Chesney’ up and coming album is filled with stuff that exactly record’s name. Apart from that, the singer’s first release with Warner Music Nashville clearly appears to be a grand one. Aside from the fact that its proceeds will all be going to his Love for Love City Foundation, Chesney has enlisted the participation of some great songwriters to it. Previously, he revealed that he selected John Baumann’s “Gulf Moon” to be part of the album’s track. Adding “Better Boat,” a masterpiece of songwriters Travis Meadows and Liz Rose is yet another excellent idea.

Just like “Get Along” and the album’s title track “Song for the Saints,” “Better Boat” is a something that stirs one’s heart. It’s certainly loaded with emotions and drives us to reflect on ourselves. This is perfectly captured in the chorus,

Now and then I let it go

I ride the waves I can’t control

I’m learning how to build a better boat

Moreover, the song leads every listener to find an inner strength and positivity when faced with life’s adversities. Chesney said of the song,

“Of all the songs on there, I think really captures the emotion of that moment – and the months following. There’s an acceptance it takes to face those challenges and that uncertainty… the lyric has that line, ‘I ride the waves I can’t control…’ And that’s exactly how this was, and in some ways, still is.”

Featured in “Better Boat” is singer Mindy Smith who also added to Chesney’s perfect choices made for this tune.

“When I heard this song, and thought about what it means, I knew Mindy had to be on here, because she’s like an angel, a spirit who lets you know that no matter what, it’s going to be okay. That’s a very big deal.”

Listen to Kenny Chesney’s “Better Boat” below.

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