January 4

Cherish the Love of Your Life with “Wonderful Tonight”

I say, “My darling, you were wonderful tonight”.

Let me guess. Seven out of ten people have danced to this love tune. We’ve heard it played on proms, weddings, community gatherings, and perhaps, your romantic date nights.

An original of Eric Clapton in 1976, Wonderful Tonight continues to capture our imagination of that momentous evening to which Eric remembers for life. It is a tale of a man smitten at the sight of his beloved. And what man in love would not have one of those? It could have happened at the first meeting, first date, anniversary night, or the day of the wedding. Be it once or more, such occurrence was enough to inspire one man to write one of the best love tunes of all time. Consequently, couples worldwide made this their theme song.

Alan Jackson’s rendition of “Wonderful Tonight”

Listening to it brings back memories, I know. Some of you guys may have serenaded your wives with it.

Performed during the 2005 CMA Awards, an avid and eagle-eyed fan would not miss noting how Alan Jackson made this song his own. Also, it helped that the camera people took a shot of his wife, denise jackson. To some of us who have read Denise book (It’s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Life) we are privy to how their love was put to the test. Thankfully, they have not given up on each other. Both learned some valuable life lessons from that painful experience; Alan in particular. Not dwelling on that past mistake, of course, Alan may just be reminiscing sweet memories shared with his wife.

And in case some might be grumbling now that we are overlooking Eric Clapton’s version, here’s a clip of him singing his classic. Aside from the song, everything about this clip is also wonderful from the guitar intro to the featured solo of a woman. Man! She’s got the knack for it!


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