November 4

‘The Cheap Seats’ of Alabama for Boys Who Never Miss a Game

Becoming a boy band nowadays means having that boy band look and having that boy band charm that makes the ladies scream on top of their lungs. Thank goodness for the year 1994, we still have a band like Alabama who is not afraid to inject humor into their songs as a way for recording songs that are ‘boys will be boys’ in nature. While 1994 was also one of those country eras where tribute songs reigned supreme, Alabama made a wide array of selection when they released their 1994 song, ‘Cheap Seats.’ The song was written by Marcus Hummon and Randy Sharp.

Cheap Seats, Alabama

Just like any boy songs, the writers of the song revealed that it was inspired by Hummon being a diehard fan of Nashville Sounds and their Triple-A baseball club:

“Talked about going out there sometimes alone, being the only guy out there cheering, because he was such a fan. So we were laughing about the visual of this: two guys out there doing the wave by themselves, and yelling at the umpire. And the visual is so funny we just started jotting this stuff down.

And the concept of the cheap seats – we weren’t the first ones to come up with that – but it put our characters, these guys that never missed a game, in an appropriate kind of every-guy role, in those seats. And the fact that there’s a bunch of people that are so supportive of the local boys that even if it’s just a tie, they’ll act like it was a win, and they’ll go buy them pizza and beer.” It’s a real place and a real attitude out there, and when Marcus chimed in with his insight the writing just took off, and they were able to write it in one sitting. “Which is rare for me,” confesses Randy. “It usually takes me several get-togethers to finish a song.”

Watch the music video below and let us know what you think:


Alabama, Cheap Seats

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