May 22

Charming Young Lad Sings National Anthem; Steve Harvey Moved to Tears


There can never be enough feel-good stories for as long as there are many genuine people out there spreading good vibes. Whether you are a young person with a mature and open perspective, or an adult with a youthful heart, nothing beats the aftermath that a simple good deed or heartwarming gesture can give. Unrelated but a super interesting story is that of Johnny Cash’s first wife, which you can read by clicking the link.

That said, a young singer named Gavin takes the limelight with his wonderful story and captivating vocal talent. Little Gavin was born with Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), a rare disease that causes drastic and severe loss of vision. It mainly affects the eye’s retina, or the tissue located at the back of the eye. The retina is responsible for detecting color and light. The people suffering from LCA have been found to have suffered from severe visual impairment that usually commences during the early stages of infancy. It usually starts out steady but begins to worsen and become more unrelenting as the years go by. Aside from that, LCA has been associated with many other visual disorders, like nystagmus (involuntary eye movements), hyperopia (extreme farsightedness), and photophobia (heightened light sensitivity). Other uncommon cases of this particular eye disease is the delayed development coupled with a hampered progress in intellectual capacities.


Charming Young Lad Sings National Anthem; Steve Harvey Moved to Tears 1

Due to its rarity, only about 150 individuals have been diagnosed with the said condition in the U.S. However, instead of struggling, Gavin found light in his passion which is singing. His angelic voice could move people to tears and leave them breathless, a sight that Steve Harvey luckily got to experience himself.

Gavin first made waves on social media after singing the National Anthem at one of the Los Angeles Kings’ hockey games. Upon earning immense positive feedback from spectators, the talented boy finally got invited to perform at Little Big Shots. Little Big Shots is a show where kids compete with each other through showcasing their unique talents. In the show, the boy shared a warm moment with the host, Steve Harvey before his performance. He shared a sweet hug with Harvey and even got permission to rub the former’s bald head.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, the crowd’s ears rang with the brilliantly touching voice of Gavin. Singing the National Anthem, he attacked the song with great power and an even immense amount of heart. All those who heard his angelic singing felt every bit of passion especially when he admirably hit all of the song’s tricky high notes. It was an exceptional and mind-blowing performance!

At present, experts are yet to determine a cure for LCA. About 13 variations of Leber Congenital Amaurosis have been determined and described by experts. Each type is distinct in the patterns when the vision begins to disappear, eye abnormalities related, and genetic cause. Thus, Gavin’s parents founded the foundation, Gavin R. Stevens, with the purpose of raising awareness and aid in collecting research funds that will hopefully pinpoint a cure and treatment for the said condition.  You can learn more about LCA and learn how you can contribute to help Gavin and people sharing his condition at http://www.gavinsfoundation.org/.



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