April 30

Charlie Rich’s First No. 1 Hit “Behind Closed Doors”


This Charlie Rich hit was penned by country singer-songwriter Kenny O’Dell. The song was a commercial hit and was also loved by the awarding body.

Charlie Rich won a Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance. Kenny O’Dell was also awarded both by the CMA and ACM Awards for Song of the Year.

But, the inspiration behind the song was actually a huge political scandal in the ’70s. Read further to know what it is all about.

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Controversies on Charlie Rich’s “Behind Closed Doors”

The song talks about something happening behind closed doors, as the title indicates. Kenny was inspired during the Watergate Scandal and by how the congressional committee was handling the issue.

O’Dell told Bart Herbison of Nashville Songwriters Association International:

“They’re always talking about no one know what goes on behind closed doors. Having the sessions, another session, behind closed doors. And I’m thinking, I like the title, ‘Behind Closed Doors.”

The song may have been inspired by politics but Charlie Richs delivery was different. The song became an anthem of lovemaking between two people. Because of the racy content of the song, it was actually banned by some radio stations.

charlie rich
Photo Credits: Charlie Rich/Official Facebook Home Page

But that did not stop the massive success of the song as it went straight to the top of the country charts.

Lyrics Breakdown

And when we get behind closed doors
Then she lets her hair hang down
And she makes me glad that I’m a man
Oh, no one knows what goes on behind closed doors

The radio stations may be right in banning the song. It does suggest that something “mature” will happen after a man and woman goes behind closed doors.

Country music or music, in general, has the tendency, to be honest with lyrics. And it can be a little too honest at some point, especially with this song.

We listeners only ask of one thing about these explicit songs: that these songs only promote a committed relationship between two loving people. As long as it is considered ethical and morally right, music fans will not have a problem.

Listen to the song by clicking here:


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