March 22

Celebrating Charlie Poole’s, The Old-Time Banjo Picker, Birthday

charlie poole

It was on March 22, 1892, when a boy was born with the name Charlie Poole. Who could have thought that a simple young lad from a simple family, will turn out to be a big influence in the country music, particularly that of bluegrass?

Charlie Poole, The Artist

Charlie Poole, the old-time country musician, was well-known for his songs “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down Blues,” “White House Blues,” and “If I Lose, I Don’t Care.” Also known as a great banjo player, his technique called the three-finger picking was adapted by banjo players all-over the world.

He was Born in North Carolina. Before becoming a famous banjo player and country musician. Poole used to work in a cotton mill in North Carolina.  He learned to play the banjo at a very young age. He was fond of playing it that when he is not busy in the cotton mill he will go from town to town to play his music.

The North Carolina Ramblers

Poole and his brother-in-law, Posey Rorer, formed a band called The North Carolina Ramblers. Poole plays the banjo and sings. While Rorer plays the fiddle. Sometimes when Poole sings, his words are vague. In 1925, the first song they recorded was “Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down Blues.” It sold more than 100,000 copies. They followed it with “Let Me Sleep In Your Barn Tonight Mister.” Poole and Rorer signed a contract with Columbia Records. The North Carolina Ramblers were the most popular string band by then.

Poole remained with his band despite some of the members left the band. He and his band recorded almost 70 records under Columbia.

His talent and music are outstandingly unique that no one can ever duplicate it. Only then was his talent been matched by Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys, when they revived Poole’s style in the music industry.


Poole has been an excellent musician for 13 years until he had a heart attack and died at the age of 39. It was said that he was supposed to appear on a film. After his death, his band still continued to play. Despite the early ending of his career Poole still is an inspiration to country musicians everywhere.


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