March 12

Charley Pride Sings “Time Out For Jesus”

Most of the time, people are busy with a lot of things that their time is consumed by work and career. But most people are forgetting the most important thing which is Jesus. Moreover, everyone will be so busy that they even forget to pray and go to church. But it’s a good thing that Charley Pride is here to remind everyone to some take time out and look back to Him. Further, in case you forget the Supreme Being who gave you those blessings, you can always go back to Him. Also, to remind you of everything, go ahead and listen to this hit “Time Out for Jesus.” Try to meditate on the things that you have done because it’s never too late.

Charley pride, time out for jesus,gran ole opry
Photo Credits: Charley Pride/ Official Facebook Account

Charley Pride: One of the Best Singers

He is not just a singer but also a musician, business owner, and a basketball player. It seems that this man can do anything he wants. Anyway, Charley Pride started his career in 1966 and he was successful ever since. This African-American singer was able to push 50 songs in the Billboard Hot Country Songs and 40 singles made it to the number one spot. In addition, Pride is one of the handpicked singers to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry, the longest running radio station in the U.S. Furthermore, due to his contribution and influence to the music industry he was included in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

charley pride, time out for jesus, grand ole opry
Photo Credits: Charley Pride/ Official Facebook Home Page

The Gospel Hymn that Reminds Everyone

In most cases, people don’t have time to go to church because they are so busy with their lives. But don’t forget the Being who showered you with those blessings. Anyhow, it’s a good thing that Charley Pride was able to release a beautiful hymn entitled “Time Out for Jesus.” The song is plainly a reminder that you should look back at Him.

Go ahead and listen to the hymn and this might help in restoring your faith.


Charley Pride

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