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Charley Pride Tells You Dearly, “Someone Loves You Honey”

Charley Pride says most fans who hear his love songs feel that he is singing them directly to his wife, Rozene. It was certainly fine with him. Such is his song, “Someone Loves You Honey”. For those who already know the couple, even briefly, it is not hard to picture “Someone Loves You Honey” as a song that fits them well. Charley confesses it is not a sensible thing, but it did seem like it came out that way. Nevertheless, Charley’s idea was to sing the song to anyone who is in love. Of course, that definitely includes the Prides, one of country music’s most lasting couples.

Charley Pride Tells You Dearly, “Someone Loves You Honey” 1

How He Met His “Someone Loves You Honey” Inspiration

Rozene Pride stuck with Charley through many things. There was Charley’s military enlistment, baseball pursuits, and through the early years of a musical career in which he earned a grand total of $138 for his first record. Rozene understood it was vital for people to follow their dreams. Charley has two distinct ones: baseball and music. After he came to understand that baseball was not going to come through for him, he set his sights on a career in music. In an interview with Diane Jennings of the Dallas Morning News, Rozene said she always felt that Charley could make it as a singer, although she admits that she did not realize there had never been a black country singer before.

While playing in Memphis Red Sox in what was then known as the American Negro League, fate stepped in, and Charley met the love of his life, Rozene. A friend introduced them after a game, leading to a five-month courtship. On December 28, 1956. A justice of the peace in Hernando, Mississippi wedded them.

Song Facts

Written by Canadian Don Devaney, it was originally released by Johnny Rodriguez in 1974 in his album Songs About Ladies and Love. Later, Brenda Lee, whose version caught the attention of producer Jerry Bradley. Jerry adored the song very much. He called it a “triple-A-rated song” and instinctively knew that Charley could take it straight to the top. In 1978, Charley released it as the second single and title track from the album Someone Loves You Honey. The song was Charley Pride’s 20th number one and stayed for two weeks on the country chart.

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