November 28

When Charley Pride Reminisced a Perfect Love that was Lost

Falling in love and experiencing love may change a person’s life perspective. However, having a perfect love that was lost can change us. It can make us bitter, melancholy, and even become negative about everything. But the worst part is, some will turn into a close-minded person who shuts down their emotions towards others. Don’t lose hope everyone, even Charley Pride experienced this on one of his hits “Where do I Put Her Memory?”

I’m Just me

Everyone started from humble beginnings until they were able to reach their dreams. Anyhow, the best formula to achieve this is courage and determination.

As for Charley Frank Pride or simply known as Charley Pride, he rose to fame due to his hard work. Pride achieved the peak of his career in the ’70s where he became RCA Records’ best-selling performer. Also, during the hype of his career, this man pushed 52 songs on the top 10 of Billboard Hot Country Songs and 40 of which went to no.1.

Making his dream come true was not easy, especially that Charley Pride is African-American. Anyhow, during the early years of his career, he faced discrimination due to the color of his skin. But, this did not affect him in pursuing his dream. Due to his hard work, Pride was recognized by The Grammys, Country Music Association, AMA’s, and was also included in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

The Twist Behind the Masterpiece

“Where Do I Put Her Memory” was one of the hits from Charley Pride that was released in 1979. Even more, the hit was his 21st number one in the Country Charts. Well, I guess he is an amazing singer to have numerous top songs in the charts.

Charley Pride has a distinct way of interpreting every song, maybe that’s why he is different from other artists. With Prides interpretation of the song, it’s safe to assume that it talks about a dead lover that the narrator can’t forget. In my opinion, the masterpiece has a lot of happy memories that the main character is still clinging on to.  It’s hard to say goodbye, but we need to move forward and continue with our life.


Charley Pride, Country Music Association, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Where Do I put Her Memory

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