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Jammin’ with Charley Pride’s Single “You’re My Jamaica”

Picture yourself in a beautiful tropical island, with the sound of the waves, watching the sunset, while sipping a cold drink. That’s a perfect place to be, isn’t it? Well, Charley Pride’s song prefers the opposite. The narrator of the song will trade all of that just to be with the love of his life. What about you, will you choose a beautiful tropical place to live in or be somewhere else with the one you love?

“You’re My Jamaica” Chart Performance

In 1979, Charley Pride released his single “You’re My Jamaica.” He earned another number one with this single on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Furthermore, Pride’s song also went to number one on the Canadian chart. This tropical vibe country song has a catchy sound and romantic lyrics. It was written by Kent Robbins in 1979.

Charley Pride You're My Jamaica
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The Song’s Content

“You’re My Jamaica” talks about a man who at first pictures himself in a beautiful island, with drinks and ladies. He can imagine how happy he would look like if he lives like that, but he knows he’ll never be as happy as when he’s with the woman he loves. He then slowly realizes that he prefers to live in his house because he has everything he needed there. And, the woman he loves is enough.

You’re my Jamaica

You’re where I want to be

The Album

Pride’s single was part of his twenty-fourth studio album You’re My Jamaica. His album reached number eleven on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. In addition, two songs from his album were released as a single. Both secured a spot on the top 10 of the country chart (“You’re my Jamaica” and “Missin’ You”).

Neal McCoy’s Rendition

In 2005, Pride decided to collaborate with Neal McCoy to record a newer version of his song. “You’re my Jamaica” was then added to McCoy’s tenth studio album, That’s Life.

Sit back, relax, and listen to this tropical vibe song of Charley Pride.


Charley Pride, Neal McCoy, You're My Jamaica

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