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Charley Pride’s Heartbreaking Song “Where Do I Put Her Memory”

Charley Pride‘s groundbreaking vocals can deliver a truly wonderful love song, and anyone who gets a chance to listen to it will fall in love. This is what happens when he released the signature song “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'” that brought him fame.

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Charley Pride in London in 1975. Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images.

Pride is not only known for delivering such songs, but he can also make you feel the heartbreaking pain of a lover who was left behind. He can certainly bring  a tragically aching feeling to life when someone’s heart is broken, and this is proven in his single “Where Do I Put Her Memory.”

Charley Pride and His Heartbreaking Single “Where Do I Put Her Memory”

In 1978, Pride recorded his song “Where Do I Put Her Memory” as part of his deliciously sounding album Burgers and Fries. The following year after the release of his album, he released the track as a single, which was then given the chance to climb up to the top of the Billboard Hot Country charts. In addition, it was also spotted on the top of the Canadian chart too.

What to Do with the Memories?

“Where Do I Put Her Memory” is a poignant song written by Jim Weatherly. Here we see the pain of the narrator as he goes through a terrible break up in his life (it isn’t certain if it was a breakup or his lover died). He sets aside her belongings, knowing that if he can’t see her things it won’t cause him any pain. However, there is only one thing he can’t get rid of, and those are his wonderful and bittersweet memories of the woman he loved.

And where do I put her memory
When it’s always in my mind
I can’t chase it, erase it, I just have to face it
It’s gonna be there a long, long time

We all can understand the narrator’s sentiment because we’ve all been through such pain of letting go of someone we love, and we can all agree that getting rid of the memories you shared with that person would be difficult. It will only make you miss them every day. There’s this quote from the movie Eat, Pray, Love, when Liz says to Richard that she misses her ex-husband, and Richard says:

“So miss him. Send him some light and love every time you think of him, then drop it.”

Maybe that’s the thing, as painful as the memories may be all we have to do is to face it, then one day it won’t hurt anymore.


Charley Pride

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