July 25

Before Grammy Salute, Charley Pride Tried to Tape Guitar He Bought from Sears

Just recently, an honorary Grammy was awarded to Charley Pride for his lifetime achievements in the industry of music. When he first made waves in the country music scene, his recognition broke the boundaries of racial differences. As the first African-American country singer, Pride sold more records than any other artist (except for the King, Elvis Presley) for RCA in the entire duration of his career as a recording artist.

Charley lived a hard life growing up. He grew up in a family of 11 children—eight boys and three girls. He lived with his family in Mississippi, where he worked with his father on a cotton farm. One day, while he was tending the farm with his father, Pride recalls that it was also the first time Jackie Robinson went to the major leagues. It was then that he declared his ambition of following the same path to surpass all the records. Afterward, he would pursue music once he turns 35 or 36.

His amazing talent makes it hard to believe that before he was famous. He was simply a dirt farmer from the Southern boards who dreamed of making his name shine in bright lights and be recognized for being exceptional. Perhaps the universe aligned for him when he made his wish, for he would never have honed his musical gift had he not found such a fine deal for his guitar. Charley shares:

When I bought the guitar, I bought it from Sears, Roebuck, and I left it out in the wagon and it rained that night and it was only taped together. I never could keep it in tune. I’m still leaving a lot of things.


Before Grammy Salute, Charley Pride Tried to Tape Guitar He Bought from Sears 1

Even after he gave up on his baseball dreams to make way for another dream, it turns out that it was the right choice. Just look at how much of a successful artist Charley has become in all the years that he spent in the industry! Pride adds that he has a lot to be proud of and he dedicates all his achievements to God.

Charley released his latest album, Music in My Heart, on July 7 of this year. Be sure to check it out!



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