March 18

Charley Pride,”Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’ Singer, Turns 85

Charley Pride is one of country music’s treasures. His presence in this genre made a huge change and diversified country music. Today, we celebrate his 85th birthday by listening to the songs he made popular.

Charley Pride Birthday Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'
Photo Credit: Charley Pride/ Greg Gosselin/ Official Facebook Page

Charley Pride’s Dream Job

Singing wasn’t his first choice, although his mother bought him his first guitar and he learned to play it on his own. Pride was always fond of baseball. Before he was discovered as a country singer, he joined various baseball leagues. However, he only played in each team for a short time due to the injuries he accumulated. Despite not being part of a professional baseball league, he was still destined to be pushed into the spotlight in another way.

The Beginning of his Singing Career

While Pride was busy developing his baseball career, he was singing on the side. He performs on a local night club, which earns him extra money. Not long enough, Pride was discovered, and he was able to sign with RCA Victor records. The first two songs he released was not able to chart. In addition, Pride’s song was not even played on radio stations because black people are not welcomed before.

First Song on the Chart

Pride’s talent and voice cannot be contained in the dark. When he released his third single, “Just Between You and Me,” he earned his first song on the Billboard chart. Furthermore, he was also able to get his first nomination on the Grammy’s with his song.

However, despite all of the songs he released and the singles that went to number one, do you know which songs were his best?

Charley Pride may have scored seventy-two songs in the chart, and among the seventy-two songs, forty reached number one. But, there is only one song that you’ll instantly know it belongs to Pride when you hear it.

“Kiss an Angel Good Morning”

“Kiss an Angel Good Morning” is known to be Pride’s signature song. It was written in 1971 by Ben Peters. Pride recorded the song for his album Charley Pride Sings Heart Songs. When he released the song as a single, he earned another number one on the country chart. He was not only able to chart the song on the country chart but, “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and Adult Contemporary chart too.

His song gave him the chance to win his first CMA’s Entertainer of the Year.

Current Tour

Currently, Pride is on tour starting this month. He will be performing in New Zealand, Australian, and the US. You can catch him up on his shows, just head on to his website for more information.

For now, we wish Charley Pride a happy birthday.


Charley Pride

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