February 22

Willie Nelson’s “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”: Brings You Home to God

“Swing low, sweet chariot,
Comin’ for to carry me home;
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Comin’ for to carry me home.”

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What a beautiful day it is and today, I wish to speak to you about where the Soul never dies.

Yep, you got it right. Today we’ll have a little talk about Heaven and comin’ back Home.

[Learn more about Willie Nelson’s son’s tragic death here].

After a long day and a-workin’ the best we could to give the best we could, we look forward to goin’ home right?

We so very much look forward to coming home to our Dear Families whom we work hard to provide for. The Love or Loves of Our Life we desire to give only the finest to. To make happy.

Just the way it is with our Christian Lives and with Christian Living. We try our very best to give Our Lord God Almighty. That we as His Children could please Him and give Him the JOY He truly deserves. That someday, we could all meet up. And He—with the Gates and His Arms wide open—would gladly welcome us Back Home with Him.

But of course—just as with work and our Christian Life—it ain’t always rosy. It could be a real war out there. May it be with ourselves, with circumstances, with certain situations… Well very similar it is to Christian Life. It is always a battle day after day, after day. Someone’s got win it and (sometimes) someone’s got to make a sacrifice and “take one for The Team.”

Well, fret not. Taking one for The Team—God’s Team—has its fullest of Full Rewards! Yes, what grand Opportunity would it be to finally be Home with Our Father. To finally BE HOME!

“But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.” PHILIPPIANS 3:20 NIV

To help inspire us to keep on keepin’ on, here’s Our Dear Willie for y’all!

This has been Beautiful Is Our God!

May y’all be Safe and Well and,



swing low sweet chariot, Willie Nelson

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