November 28

The Power of Redemption in “Changed”

Rascal Flatts offered us more than a hit song. “Changed” carries a powerful message that blasted on the airwaves from the majority of Country and Christian radios alike. As history has repeatedly shown us, this could be made possible only by some divine help.

Inspired by the baptism of the daughter of songwriter, Neil Thrasher, the opening lines is a strong hook to anyone who has had that turning about the experience. It says:

‘I came up out of the water, raised my hands up to the Father, gave it all to him that day, felt a new wind kiss my face.’

The rest of the song’s narrative effortlessly resonated to the majority of listeners, since most people went through some life-altering process of change. Of course, from a Christian standpoint, our salvation experiences would come to mind.  And that is what we encourage you, dear readers, to share in our comments section. Do you remember when you had that eureka moment and felt like you were changing for the better? How did you repent? What gradual changes in you have you noticed? Have you asked for forgiveness from those you have inflicted or hurt? More than saying sorry, did you make some restitution? And in making restitution, have you also learned to forgive yourself for all the wrongs you have done?

Additional good news besides its inspirational sense, “Changed” has also been instrumental in saving a life. A guy e-mailed the Rascal Flatts band and recounted how the song helped him change his mind from committing suicide. After listening to the song, he resolved that he will have to change instead. (Hoping for the best he did, and that it is the kind that would be rooted in having a relationship with Jesus.)

My pick is this inspirational video made by a fellow Christian. All credits to the maker.

And here is the official music video of “Changed” by Rascal Flatts


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