November 22

A Century Year Old Granny Can’t Stop Singing Gospel

We may outgrow clothes, hobbies, and interests, but not what filled our souls for years.

Such was the sweet deal to Gospel singer, Miss Willa Mae Moore. Her eyesight may have gotten dim and the shaking in her voice worsens as a result of aging, but not the resilience of her spirit in worshipping God.

Here. Have a good watch of one news feature about her.

Miss Moore was born in 1907 in Earl, N.C. After her mother died when she was yet a toddler, her grandparents took her and they lived in York. She grew up, got married, and raised her own family. In 1965, her husband died and she lived independently the following years. By the time she reached her 100th birthday, she moved to live at the White Oaks Manor.

She does not make a pity party for herself. Instead, she uses every ounce of energy and breath she has left in setting an example that nobody gets too old to be in the Lord’s service. And she began showing that example when she became a grandmother. As per the recounted stories of some of her grandchildren, she would always take them to all church functions from choir practices, prayer meetings, bible studies, and Sunday services. Now, she does good service to God through her relentless singing of hymns despite her passing age. In fact, in one interview with The Herald, she expressed how she has always meant business when it comes to serving God.

“I don’t go for any foolishness when it comes to serving the Lord.”

Hence, she is adored by her immediate and church families alike.

Whenever she goes to church, she will always be in her Sunday’s best; eager and ready to sing her heart out loud once more.  Everyone in her religious and community circle reveres her.

Don’t we want more matriarchs in faith like her?


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