August 1

Celebrate Your Country Bumpkin Roots with Redneck Paradise!


Never been too shy to the tendencies of being a redneck, Kid Rock, proudly shows the love of country music not only in his music videos but also in his personal life. For a brilliant performance, he teamed up with the son of the great Hank Williams Sr., and a great country icon, Hank Williams Jr. Both glorified the southern ways with a fantastic performance in a video to represent how country bumpkins go down.

Written by The Young Brothers in 2007, that was sent to Kid Rock’s representatives hoping he would use the song. Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. sang and showcased the complete redneck set in their song, “Redneck Paradise” by having big trucks, hunting, turkey riding and all the whiskey you wish you have. With nothing but love, both artists proudly sing, “It’s a hole in a wall kinda small but the people are real nice/ and folks in here, they’re free and clear/ to drink beer and dance all night, that’s all right/ and no one’s uptight in Redneck Paradise.”

Celebrate Your Country Bumpkin Roots with Redneck Paradise! 1

Taking pride in the lyrics of the song, Kid Rock and Hank Williams expressed how rednecks lived by showing an easy going lifestyle in their redneck paradise. “And the things we like don’t cost a lot of money/ good foot stompin’ music gets us by/ measure up our friends and family / We’re gonna hit them honky tonks tonight.”

The unbelievable portrayal of the song on how rednecks live is hands down. Also, it is the most riveting redneck anthem that we’ve ever heard. The video is also shows hardworking people who enjoys simple things and completing it with shots and frames of genuine culture. It doesn’t get any more homegrown than this. Listen the fusion of Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. and comment down your thoughts!


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