November 29

Cat Stevens Celebrates the New Morning with “Morning Has Broken”

Morning Has Broken

There is something magical about the grace of every day. Cat Stevens gave praise to each beginning with his song “Morning Has Broken.” Likewise, it uniquely captures the calm of the morning light, as well as further captures the amazing feeling of thanks. Of course, it sings the praise for the new morning, and it offers the events that will happen today to the name of the Lord.

Moreover, Stevens did a version of this on his 1971 album Teaser and the Firecat. It reached number six on the U.S Billboard Hot 100, number one on the U.S easy listening chart in 1972, and number four on the Canadian RPM Magazine charts.

Listen to the amazing song here!


“Morning Has Broken” is a popular Christian hymn. It was first published in 1931. English poet and children’s author Eleanor Fajeron was the author behind the wonderful tune. The Scottish Gaelic tune “Bunessan” was the inspiration to the tune of the song. Interestingly, it also shares its tune with the 19th century Christmas carol “Child in the Manger.”

As a matter of fact, the hymn was originally included in the second edition of Songs of Praise. The editor of the book explains that there was a clamor for a hymn that gives thanks for each day. Eleanor Fajeron was asked to make a poem to fit the lovely Scottish tune.

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens successfully crossed this over to mainstream radio. He is a British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Stevens is a very decorated musician who won humanitarian awards: such as the World Award, Man of Peace Award, and Steiger Award. In addition, he has honorary degrees, such as the honorary doctorate bestowed by the University of Gloucestershire and the University of Exeter.  And multiple music awards. Stevens was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Folk Album and he won a Lifetime Achievement Award. He was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


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