Another flashback from the early 1980s with Johnny Cash and his friends singing a gospel number penned by Dolly Parton. By reason of frequent use in the song, people attributed the phrase, “Don’t Let Your Left Hand Know” as the title.

Wanna know what the Good Book has to say about good works? Don’t let your left hand know what your right-hand does. In other words, when you do good deeds, keep it between yourself and God. That’s how you’ll be truly blessed.

Let’s hear it from Johnny Cash, Brenda Lee, Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson.

Why Keep it a Secret?

From an account in Matthew 5, Jesus addresses the hypocritical show of charity. Good works are commendable, and sometimes, publicizing them brings God glory. Jesus is in no way against it. On the flip-side, charity that is done in the wrong spirit and motive often leads to pride. And pride, as we all know, leads to downfall.

The crux of the matter? Seek the approval of God more than the praises of men. The Bible says that he could not be mocked. He knows everything and no amount of righteous cover-ups can fool him.

The Four Legends Collaborated

With the exception of Johnny Cash, Brenda Lee, Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, and Willie Nelson once had an album compilation released in 1982. Named “The Winning Hand,” it primarily contained unreleased tracks by the aforementioned artists from their early years in the music industry. Well received in the market, “The Winning Hand” charted at #4 in Top Country Albums and reached #109 in US Billboard 200.

Kings and Queens in their Own Right

Fast forward today, Dolly Parton is without question one of the dubbed “Queens of Country.” Brenda Lee, on the other hand, became the “Rock and Roll Princess.” Kris Kristofferson is definitely one of our great “Songwriters of the Century” while our Red-Headed Stranger, Willie Nelson still proves as “The Last Man Standing.” As for Johnny Cash, well, fans regard him as  the “God of Country Songs.”