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“Blue Moon with Heartache” : Another Breakthrough from a Girl “Cash”

“Blue Moon with Heartache” is a song written and recorded by American country music artist Rosanne Cash. Released in December 1981, it was the third single from the album Seven Year Ache. “Blue Moon with Heartache” gave Rosanne Cash her third country chart-topper. For a week, the single stayed at the top and all in all it stayed at the charts for 11 weeks.

“Blue Moon with Heartache” is a song about the narrator hoping her relationship is just bent but not completely broken. She has been thinking about how their relationship went on the rocks. She wants to fix the broken relationship, but if she can’t then “Maybe I’ll just go away”.

What would I give to be a diamond in your eyes again
What would I give to bring back those old times
What did I say to make your cold heart bleed this way
Maybe I’ll just go away today

I don’t care who’s waiting at my front door
You know that life don’t hold no glamour anymore
Oh, how can it all look so right and feel so wrong
I’ll play the victim for you honey but not for long

Hearing the surname Cash, Rosanne—you guessed right—she is Johnny Cash’s daughter from his first wife. Rosanne spent most of her young and adult life on the road. Her father, stepmother June Carter, and stepsister Carlene Carter were with her along the way. On the Cash-Carter Family show, Rosanne sang backup.

Background of the Singer

By the early 1980s, she decided to pursue her own career and started to do her first cover. This, however, was something her stepsister began doing four years earlier. During her career, Rosanne professionally and romantically hooked up with singer/songwriter/guitarist Rodney Crowell. Rodney co-wrote and produced most of the tracks on her first few albums. The two eventually got married and divorced. Their partnership yielded a Top 10 country and pop radio hit, “Seven Year Ache.”

As her signature style, Rosanne Cash plays music that is a pleasant blend of rock-influenced country and adult pop. With this, she has proven that as early as her initial tours she was an awesome live performer. Apart from her success being a solo performer, she was also able to bring together an all-star backing band for this tour. Her band included Billy Joel band sax/keyboardist Richie Cannata; top Nashville drummer, Larry London; pedal steel maverick, Hank DeVito; and country music superstar, Vince Gill on guitar and vocals.

Cash was still trying to keep her core country music audience happy. However, her songs “Ain’t No Money”, “It Hasn’t Happened Yet”, and “Seven Year Ache” made it clear that she was eager to develop a more crossover style.


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