November 6

“Ballad of a Teenage Queen:” A Song of True Love by Johnny Cash

In life, no matter how much money you have or how famous you may be, it won’t even matter at all. Sometimes, all that really matters is being with the person you love the most. This sentiment is exactly what Jack Clement wants to say in his song “Ballad of a Teenage Queen.”

“Ballad of a Teenage Queen,” A Johnny Cash Recording

Johnny Cash recorded Jack Clement’s song “Ballad of a Teenage Queen” in 1957. It was one of the songs on his studio album Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous. Before we learn about the song, let us first see how it performed on the Billboard country chart.

The first time Johnny Cash recorded the song, it became a hit for him. It reached number one on the Billboard country chart. In addition, it secured a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

In 1987, Johnny Cash re-recorded the song. This time, however, Cash featured the voice of his daughter Rosanne Cash.  His second version did not go well like the first one. But, it still entered the Billboard chart and landed at the number forty-fifth position.

One of Johnny Cash’s Best Songs, According to Billboard

“Ballad of a Teenage Queen” is one of Johnny Cash’s Best Songs according to Billboards Critic’s Picks. Specifically, it was listed as number ten on the list.

The Story of the Song

Cash’s song tells the story of a teenage girl who is the prettiest in town. She fell in love with a boy who works in the candy store. They were about to get married. But, the pretty teenager was discovered by a talent scout, and she moved to Hollywood to become a movie star. She became rich and famous. However money is not enough, nor is fame. She longed for the boy who worked in the candy store. She wanted to be with him and spend her life with him than being rich. Therefore, she sells all that she has and left everything behind to be with the boy she fell in love with who works at the candy store.


Ballad of a Teenage Queen, Johnny Cash

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