March 13, 2018

Carter Family Reminds Us That The Sun Shines In The Shadows

the carter family

The sun will always shine after the rain. Darkness will not last forever, the light will always prevail. Like in life, burden, sorrow, and trials will always be present, and the first thing we do is to worry. We cannot deny the fact that we always worry about the simple things in life. When something bothers us, our mind immediately set to ‘worry mode’ we constantly over think about the problem, instead of first praying to God. However, the truth is, the things we constantly worry the most are not big of a deal after all.

Sunshine In The Shadows

Sunshine In The Shadows: Their Complete Victor Recordings, was an album that contained the Carter Family’s recordings from 1931-1932. Included in their album was their song, “Sunshine In The Shadows,” which was written by A.P. Carter.

The Content

Sunshine In The Shadow,” a song by the Carter Family, tells us that despite all the darkness we have in our life, Jesus is always there. If you don’t believe, then try to remember the time you worry about something and then what happened? See, it didn’t turn out that bad, right? Because Jesus was there beside you that time, guiding you and keeping you safe.

It is such a privileged to know Jesus, to let Him enter your life. Knowing Jesus doesn’t exclude us from all the trials in life, rather, knowing Jesus makes us strong and ahead in life. Therefore, when you are having a big problem or going through something tough and dark in life, remember that you are never alone. Pray to Jesus to comfort you in this time of trial and to keep you strong. The night never last forever, the rain will stop and the sun will shine, success does not happen without failure and if others forsake you, Jesus will always be there to save you.

Listen to the Carter Family’s “Sunshine In The Shadows” and find the light to guide you.


sunshine in the shadow, the carter family

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