Carrie Underwood shares a video of her sweet baby crying while her husband sings on her Instagram page showing and it is funny and adorable.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie’s husband, Mike, with sons Isaiah and Jacob. Image from Carrie Underwood’s official Facebook page

In the video, shared on Carrie Underwood’s Instagram account, it shows the beautiful baby crying while his father, Mike Fisher, tries to sing to him. Then, he almost immediately stopped crying when Carrie takes over.

The video was shared on June 23, 2019, and has so far garnered 27 million views and growing. It is making netizens laugh and go gaga over the adorable video. Users give comments such as “this is adorable” or “I love this so much”.

The video is a great picture of the home life of the country star and her husband showing how much they are able to stay happy despite a couple of trials they had to go through.

Carrie Underwood is the mother to two wonderful boys, Isaiah the eldest and Jacob who arrived in January. The name choices have obvious ties to the Bible which further cements the faith of Carrie and her connection to God.

Carrie Underwood

Image from Carrie Underwood’s official Facebook page

Carrie Underwood and Her Struggles With Miscarriages

The video certainly shows how much happier Carrie, Mike, and the kids are. However, there was a time that the country star had to go through something that no mother should ever have to go through.

Carrie had to endure the grief of going through three miscarriages, something that was not very easy for her especially since she had to deal with it while still working.

Carrie Underwood

Image from Carrie Underwood’s official Facebook page

The country star states as she reminisces on the loss she had to endure.

“I will always mourn those children. I was still trying to do my job and put on a smiley happy face and be Carrie Underwood” ”

She remarks with an interview with The Guardian then further states,

And then I’d go home and fall apart.”

It was during this time of loss that Carrie Underwood wrote most of the songs in her album “Cry Pretty”.

She has been very verbal with her story of loss in the past few months as a way to help others who are, or were, going through the same thing.