May 25

The Carpenters Placed “Sweet, Sweet Smile” On The Country Charts

The Carpenters
American vocal and instrumental duo The Carpenters consisting of siblings Karen and Richard Carpenter pose for a portrait during the cover session for their album ‘A Kind Of Hush’, released in 1976.

Back in 1978, The Carpenters positioned “Sweet, Sweet Smile” on top 10 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It placed at No.8. Some people rolled their eyes while some were arguing. Perhaps, they were doubtful since The Carpenters focus on pop genre rather than country. But believe it or not, country music obsessives were fond of The Carpenters.

Furthermore, Karen Carpenter and Richard Carpenter, at the peak of their popularity, were creating sounds both in pop and in Country. No matter what songs or music they craft, listeners are still charmed. Undoubtedly, whether pop or country, they can still move us, touch our hearts, and pierce our souls. The bottom line is The Carpenters is one of the best musical duos in history whether it be inside or outside of the country scheme.

Sweet, Sweet Smile…

Otha Young and Juice Newton were the songwriters behind “Sweet, Sweet Smile.” It was part of The Carpenter’s 1977 album “Passage.” Karen and Richard deliberately chose most of The Carpenters’ songs, and this particular song is one of the few.

Interestingly, the song was composed primarily for Juice Newton’s album but her label Capitol Records wasn’t interested. Instead, the song was recorded and released by the Carpenters.

The Story…

On a lazy afternoon, Newton’s manager was at home listening to the demo record of ‘Sweet, Sweet Smile” when Karen visited. She was amazed at the song, and she liked it. Then, she pitched it to his brother, Richard, who loved it in a snap. But according to Richard, if other artists had recorded the song at that time, it would have been a more significant hit.

The Lyrics…

You’re always in my heart

From early in the mornin’ til it’s dark

I gotta see your sweet, sweet smile every day

When I wake up in the mornin’

And I see you there

I always whisper a little prayer

Gotta see your sweet, sweet smile every day

I gotta know that you love me

And that you want me

That you’ll always be there

I’ve gotta know that you care

And I gotta feel your arms around me

That you need me

And that you’ll always be there

I’ve gotta know that you care

If my times are bringin’ me down

You’re the only one that I want around

I gotta see your sweet, sweet smile every day

And if I’m all strung out

You’re the only one who can straighten me out

I gotta see your sweet, sweet smile every day

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