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When “Candy Kisses” Mean More To You Than Mine Do

“Candy kisses wrapped in paper
Mean more to you than any of mine
Candy kisses wrapped in paper
You’d rather have them any old time

You don’t mean it when you whisper
Those sweet love words in my ear
Candy kisses wrapped in paper
Mean more to you than mine do, dear…”

Released in 1949, “Candy Kisses” was first recorded by American country crooner George Morgan. “Candy Kisses” was George Morgan’s debut release on the charts. It was his only no. 1 on the Best Selling Folk charts, where it stayed for three weeks.

Song background… And then some…

Candy Kisses” is a song composed by country crooner George Morgan, earning that category for his smooth voice.

The song developed one day in 1947 while George was on his way to work during his time at WWST radio as an early morning talent. During his commute, he hummed along to his car engine while thinking about an ex-girlfriend whom he just broke up with. He had the song roughly thought up within twenty minutes. The song became his theme song that day over at WWST and he carried his theme song with him into 1948 when he landed a new job at WWVA radio in Wheeling, W. Va.

In December 1948, Morgan got a record deal and signed with Columbia Records. Just two weeks later, he was hired as a vocalist replacing Eddy Arnold at the Grand Ole Opry. Morgan debuted there on September 25, 1948 and stayed for the next 27 years.

By the age of 24, Morgan recorded “Candy Kisses” for Columbia Records in January 1949. The song jumped to number one on the best-selling folk charts where it remained for three weeks. By the end of the year, “Candy Kisses” sold more than 2 million copies, and had ten top cover versions. This song was also the first song featured on the self title album “Candy Kisses”. The song was so meaningful to Morgan that he even named his first daughter Candy.

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George Morgan/conwayent.com

About George Morgan

George Morgan, a Grand Ole Opry singer, was best known for his recording of “Candy Kisses.”

In 1925, Morgan was born in Waverly, Tennessee. Like a host of other Southern families, the Morgans were caught up in hard times during the Depression. In order for his father to find work in a factory, George’s family left the South for Ohio in the mid-1930s. As a teen, young Morgan wiled away many hours playing guitar and listening to music.

Morgan was 23 years old when he composed “Candy Kisses,” the biggest country?music hit of 1949. His own performance of the song was in the top 10. In the next two years, he had hits with “Crybaby Heart,” “Please Don’t Let Me Love You,” “Rainbow in My Heart” and “Room Full of Roses.”

Morgan married Anastasia Paridon. They had a son, Matthew, and four daughters, Canday Kay, Bethany Bell. Liana Lee and Loretta Lynn.

He died on July 7, 1975. He was 50 years old.

Notable Versions of the Song

In addition to the original version of George Morgan, there have been a few cover versions of the song Candy Kisses.

In fact, in 1949 the song was recorded not only by George Morgan, but also by Elton BrittRed FoleyCowboy Copas, Eddie Kirk and Bud Hobbs.

However, George Morgan’s version was the only one to be positioned at no. 1 on the Billboard Top 40 country hits back in 1949.

In 1984, Jerry Lee Lewis released a version of the song on his album I Am What I Am. Eddie Cochran’s cover version of the song was released in 1997 on the Rock Star Records’ album, Rockin’ It Country Style (The Legendary Chuck Foreman Recordings 1953-55).

On the other hand, George Morgan’s daughter, country singer Lorrie Morgan, also released her version of Candy Kisses on her 1998 album, The Essential Lorrie Morgan. Lorrie also sang the song at the Grand Ol’ Opry 70th Anniversary bash, singing against a backdrop of a video of her father.

Sensational. Watch George Morgan perform “Candy Kisses” in 1961.

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