October 16

Cancer Survivor Carolyn Highlights Brooks & Yearwood’s Tour

Every day, we encounter people facing their own personal battles; and some of these individuals are going through drastic changes in their bodies as they keep fighting for their survival. On the night Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s most recent concert, they encountered a very striking woman with quite an inspiring story to share with the audience.

Her name is Carolyn, and she happens to be a cancer survivor.

It was during one of their tour stops when Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks met the lovely Miss Carolyn. She was standing along the front row of the crowd, and she immediately caught Yearwood’s attention while she sang. She then asked the band to stop playing before proceeding to interview the woman. It was then that Carolyn shared her story. She was handed a mic, and when Trisha asked her, “Are you a survivor?”,  she disclosed that she had been a four-time cancer survivor.

She first suffered from breast cancer. After overcoming it, she was faced with a new challenge in the form of ovarian cancer, something that she had already fought and successfully overcome in the past, but has recently returned for the 3rd time.

After the crowd warmly cheered for Carolyn’s strong spirit, Yearwood addressed and honored her inspiring story, “I believe in strength in numbers. I believe when one or more are gathered in His name and I believe that you got this, Miss Carolyn. God bless you.”

Later on, as the show kept going, Brooks and Yearwood had another surprise for the brave woman. After the country couple performed Walkaway Joe, Trisha turned the attention to Carolyn once again. She then asked her husband to hand her the pink guitar pick then gave it to the lovely cancer survivor. Next, Garth Brooks took off his guitar then handed it straight to Carolyn as well. A few moments after, Trisha asks to have the guitar for one last second, for them to sign the musical instrument.

Brooks signed the guitar last, saying, “Miss Carolyn, I’m just going to sign it Mr. Yearwood.” When he handed the guitar once again to Carolyn, he complimented her, calling the beautiful fighter, ‘a doll.’

The video of the heartwarming moment was shared by Trisha Yearwood on her Facebook, with the caption, “Celebrate with the survivors and fight with the fighters! I love you, Carolyn!”

Celebrate with the survivors and fight with the fighters! I love you, Carolyn! xo

Posted by Trisha Yearwood on Monday, October 9, 2017


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